A Salon by Jennifer Martinez

Mission Statement

We are a warm and welcoming home for our clients to get to know their hair.

We are a salon that gives exceptional service and style to its clients with a welcoming atmosphere for clients as well as staff.  An environment that inspires creativity and motivation.  A partnership that runs through owner, stylist and client in a respectful and engaging manner.  Motivated staff always learning new things.

Our Goal

To provide the most up-to-date styles and trends with a team of stylists who stay on the cutting edge of the salon industry.  We are committed to establishing lifelong clients who are family to us.

To create a salon that offers high-end service to all our clients and potential clients.  Offering exceptional service that sets us apart from others.  It’s about bending over backwards to meet your every need.

To grow our salon through personability, exceptional work and customer engagement.  This will lead to referrals and productivity.

Educating clients about the products we use, why we use them and how they can use them at home to achieve their hair goals. 
Our promise is that you will ALWAYS be number one at Mila j and we will take your hair to places you never thought it could go.